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Founder’s Biography 


I love the Piano and especially Classical Music and Playing Piano Duets to this Day. Which I play on my 1943 Model-D Steinway Concert Grand. My Mother bought Me a Toy Piano at the age of 3, I started to Take Piano Lesson to play at the age of 5 on my Grandmother's Piano at her home in Kansas. It was a 1914 Milton of New York which was a Beautiful Sounding Upright piano. My Grandmother along with my Great Aunt Gave me Piano Lesson. It was a Great joy to learn From them, Knowing they were Concert Pianist!
At the age of 16, I was able to Purchase For $75.00 my first piano which was a Windsor upright that had a very good sound. After playing my Windsor piano I noticed that it needed Tuning so by referral I found one of the very best Piano Tuner, located in my town. I was fascinated by watching him perform his trade and I could see he was a Craftsman being a European train piano tuner. He noticed my Keen interest since I was carefully observing him. At that point, he asked me if I would be interested in becoming his apprentice since he was looking for someone to Teach. I was definitely interested in it so. I began my career back in 1966 to this present-day some 54 years later.
My European Trained Piano Technician encouraged me to continue pursuing, Piano Tuning, and the Rebuilding of Pianos. So I followed his advice and in 1988 decided to move my business to San Diego California. I have never regretted that decision and enjoy meeting so many interesting and talented clients who also share the same love. That can only come from a carefully Tuned Piano.
Mr. Rob Nelson

Robert Nelson

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