Piano Tuning

Pianos are prized possessions of their owners and require regular tuning to ensure great sound quality. 

Most domestic pianos require tuning every six months. 

Tuning a piano should be handled by an expert, and Nelson's Piano Service is a trusted BBB Accredited organization since 2000 with an A-plus rating. 

Robert Nelson has been tuning pianos since 1966 and in San Diego since 1988.

Piano's grand or uprights should be tuned once or twice a year. 

Since pianos come in all shapes and sizes, the tuning needs vary. 

The time it takes to tune a piano is based on how long the piano has been out of tune. Restoring pitch requires the skilled use of  tuning instruments  

Nelson put's San Diego piano owners at ease by taking time to explain the simple process and providing tips to help keep a piano sounding as beautiful as the day it was first purchased. 

QRS Piano Players

Having the right system installed is the key. Nelson installs his experience proffered systems on grand and upright pianos, resulting in 100% customer satisfaction. 

Restoration & Rebuilding

Piano restoration and rebuilding can increase the lifetime of a piano by decades. At Nelson's Piano Service, we are able to restore and rebuild many piano components, including soundboard, hammers, pinblock, bridges, and more. 

Robert Nelson has performed many restorations and rebuilding of many makes and models in San Diego and delivers with high-quality service, using new strings and parts for the piano German wire since 1966. 


Refinishing a piano is very special work in Nelson's workshop, and his professional methods have been time-tested since 1966, ensuring that he always delivers, with work quality highlighting comprehensive knowledge and craftsmanship.