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Variety of Grands and Uprights

Even the Kids can tell the difference after Mr. Nelson comes to service the piano. They love to ask him questions about the instruments, and he loves to answer them!

-El Cajon Valley School District

1919 Baldwin grand (5'8) 

We love our piano, its beautiful, and sounds wonderful. Cant wait for you to come back to tune the piano, again, you do wonderful work. Thank you!

-Sharon Marcotte Carlsbad CA

We contacted Mr. Nelson because our piano was in critical condition. After years of neglect and assaults by the grandchildren, how had detached 26 of the ivories from the keys and spilled sticky orange juice on the keyboard but failed to report that fact to any adults. In other words, the poor piano was a mess. Mr. Nelson agreed that we had a huge problem, but he took it on. After several weeks in his gifted hands, the piano's working parts were reassembled at our house and we were stunned by the lovely sounds it produced. not only was it beautifully restored, but it was also painstakingly tuned and cleaned. I just cant say enough about the service Mr. Nelson offers. He is personable, incredibly knowledgeable about pianos, and meticulous in his work. His service is also reasonably priced and done in a timely manner. If you ever have a piano that needs help, Mr. Nelson is the person for the job. 

- Penny P., San Diego, CA

If you are looking for the best man in town to help you with any of your piano needs, contact Mr. Nelson. he is knowledgeable and friendly and just rebuilt my 123 year old Steinway piano. It sounds more beautiful and rich then I'd ever imagined. He works with integrity and honesty and passion, rare qualities to find these days. I am very fortunate to have him take such excellent care of my piano and heartily recommend his service for yours too!! You will be glad you called him! 

- Ava L., San Diego, CA

1933 Baldwin Grand (5'2)

Words can't fully convey the sheer delight I feel with my beautifully restored vintage Baldwin baby grand. In addition to being a gorgeous furniture addition to my home, my Baldwin is an incredible musical instrument. The sounds are full and rich and mellifluous. I am enchanted by the beauty of my Baldwin. Nelsons Complete Piano Service is the absolute best!

- Gloria Reynolds Daviston

1923 Model O Steinway (5'10)

He did a wonderful job, We could hardly recognize the piano when the job was completed!

-Kathy Lukianov,Rancho Sante Fe, S.D. 

Nelson tuned my Baldwin Upright last week. I just bought it and the poor instrument hadn't been tuned in over 20 years. I am so glad I called Nelson. He gave the piano the TLC it hadn't seen in quite a while. He is a charming and friendly individual, who will talk you through everything he does to the piano. His knowledge is extensive and he is happy to share it. He is through and diligent. he definitely deserves 5 stars. 

- Daryl D., Honolulu, Hawaii

Mr. Nelson has become an essential to me because of the valuable information and tech experience he brings each visit. I purchased a lovely rebuilt grand Stegler Samick from him some years ago and I will never, ever let another tech/tuner ever touch something I truly love as much as this piano! He is the most knowledgeable and most genuinely dedicated tech I have ever encountered in many years of playing. Tank you Rob. you re the best! 

-Catherine W., El Cajon, CA

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